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In times of bereavement when you have lost a loved one, family member or friend, why not leave the difficult task of a probate house clearance to us? We will ensure the property is thoroughly cleared ahead of the next stage in the probate process and save you the unwanted stress at an already strenuous time.

We do not offer valuations of an estate, leaving that to the experts in the field, but we can provide a free quote for the probate clearance of your property, and will make the process of clearing away the clutter straightforward.

Our aim is to make the house or flat probate clearance as easy as it possibly can be for you.

Carmarthen Clearance Probate House Clearance Service

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Once we have the details of the probate clearance, we can provide a quote.

If you are happy with our quote, book in a date that suits your calendar.

Probate Clearance
Our team will arrive on time and get to work clearing the property.

We ask that you remove anything you want to keep before we start, leaving us with the task of sorting the recycling, disposing of the rubbish and removal of any old furniture.

How Much is a Probate Clearance Going to Cost?
The cost of clearing any property will vary based on a number of factors. Serving customers based in London, Surrey and Kent, the main factor in the cost is the size of the property. A smaller flat is likely to take less time to sort and will have less rubbish to dispose of compared to a large 5 bed detached property.

We provide probate clearance services for residential properties of all size such as houses, apartments, bungalows and flats.

When providing a quote for a probate clearance, we will factor in how many vans we might need, how many team members and the number of items that need to be removed from the property. The best way for us to assess the cost of the job is to provide you with a FREE quote based on your individual circumstances.

At What Stage of the Probate Process Will I Require a House Clearance?
During the probate process, the parties dealing with the estate will need the properties contents to be removed. Go Clearance can get involved at this key stage, once the probate valuation is resolved and the probate valuation report has been submitted to HMRC. This means our probate clearance services are the same as general house clearance, where our team come and clear the remainders of the contents once all items of value have been removed. This leaves us to remove any remaining unwanted items of furniture, white goods, old paperwork and any other objects left behind.

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